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Myrrhe van Spronsen

Keynote Speaker
The Netherlands

Myrrhe van Spronsen studied medicine in Rotterdam in 2001. She also completed two research masters in Molecular Medicine and in Neuroscience. She then did a PhD in neurobiology and postdoc research at Yale and UCL. Her dissertation was awarded the Neurofederation Thesis Award. Myrrhe was interested in psychiatry from the start of her studies and started training as a psychiatrist. At that time, she herself developed a psychosis. She has experienced this as a spiritual journey and has written blogs about it that have been published on psychosenet. Myrrhe studies at the Rietveld Academy and in her work, she is inspired by transcendence and consciousness. She is now writing an international book about co-creation in mental health care together with psychiatrist Jim van Os. She is also developing an online program that is a practical method of this book for patients and healthcare workers.