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Philippe Delespaul

Keynote Speaker

Prof.Dr. Ph.A.E.G. (Philippe) Delespaul is a professor of Innovations in Mental Health Care at the Maastricht University (Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology. He is a psychologist at the Mondriaan mental health center. He advises regional, national and international mental health providers on health service innovation. He is board member of CCAF, (F)ACT-Nederland, GIP-Benelux, Hersteltalent, and the Dutch New Mental Health Movement. He is an expert on public health, (national and international) mental health care organizations, to optimize local ecosystems (integrating mental health and welfare), quality improvement of multidisciplinary teams, and optimizing professional care. He is a mental health trendwatcher with a focus on human rights (CRPD), user experience, and severe mental health patients and their caretakers. He is a pioneer (since 1983) in the Experience Sampling Method, to chart the daily lives of people and applied ESM in mental health research and clinical practice. He designed the PsyMate™ Suite, a software package that reduces the logistics of ESM data collection and to disclose results for shared decision-making in clinical practice. He is one of the initiators of the User Research Centre, the Dutch New Mental health Movement, the development of ecosystems for mental health (GEM) and the National Campaign for the reduction of coercion and restraint of F-ACT Netherland. He wrote three books, more than 50 chapters in edited manuals, and co-authored more than 200 PubMed-listed articles.