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Ole Andreas Underland


Ole Andreas has more than 40 years of experience as a leader and entrepreneur in the Norwegian health care industry. His expertise has been dedicated to establish and run service offerings for the most demanding clients within the national psychiatric health care services. His leadership has been characterized by creating resilient “care cultures” where good patient centric care has always been a priority.

For the past 22 years he has been a prominent activist in the development of private health care services to supplement the Norwegian public health care system.  The health care provider Incita, founded in 2007, is the second private health care venture he has established since year 2000.

In 2015, he established Europe’s first drug free psychiatric hospital, delivering on the strong urge from the user organizations. The hospital has become a light house project with great success and shows that FN’s statements about “World needs a” revolution “in mental health care” are quite possible.

Ole Andreas believes that the psychiatric health care system must change our approach to mental health challenges dramatically. He believes we must stop categorizing people into buckets of sick/healthy and rather focus on helping people how to learn to live with the health ailments one has. Today’s treatment philosophy has created a situation where more and more people with mental health challenges fall out of a working life and education.  Particularly is this damaging for the young  generation the faces many mental challenges. Instead of learning to master their lives, they are enduring treatment protocols where they are helped to helplessness by the system. This is, according to Ole Andreas visions, not sustainable and requires the ultimate disruption of treatment protocols for mental health.

Ole Andreas graduated with a bachelor in psychiatric nursing in 1982 and holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Business.