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Marius Repšys


Marius Repšys is a well-known Lithuanian film and theatre actor. He plays in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

For his role in the play “Expulsion” he was awarded the Golden Stage Cross, and for his roles in the films “Ten Reasons” and “The Saint” he was awarded the “Silver Crane”.

M. Repšys graduated from Vilnius Gerosios Vilties Secondary School, studied at Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Marius is active in various spheres: during his studies he was active in sports, now he composes music, raps, writes poems, plays chess. He taught movement art at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. A few years ago, he spoke publicly about his illness, bipolar disorder, and contributed to the destigmatisation of people with similar problems. He has written two books about it, “Hercules No. 4” and “Dance with Darkness”.

“Why did I write those books? Because silence is meaningless. Because I am not alone. Because I know how people feel when a psychiatrist writes a diagnosis in their medical history. I wrote when I was in pain, when I was saving myself from visitors and voices in my head and suicidal thoughts. Mental illness is still a stigma in Lithuania. It will remain so if we remain silent. Watch yourselves and others – there is a time when we can still help each other”, says actor Marius Repšys.