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Ivan Sitsko


Ivan Sitsko, certified peer assistant with almost 5 years of work experience in psychiatric hospitals. In 2017 he completed a six-month course of the Recovery Assistant organized by the Leonardo Foundation.
Since 2018 till now Ivan works in Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. There he leads self-help groups, therapeutic classes, physical activities, tea meetings, and he gives support people in crisis.
For one year and a half Ivan Sitsko worked in the project “Warsaw Integrated System of Environmental Treatment and Support for People with Mental Disorders – testing and implementation” financed by the European Union, where he regularly held support talks with project participants and was occasionally invited as co-hosts of support groups for families.
From 2021 to this day, Ivan also works as a peer assistant at the Wolski Center for Mental Health. There his role is to support people in crisis at their home and also at the hospital.
From the very beginning of his work Ivan’s passion – tea culture – became his distinctive way of work with clients. Some people call him tea therapist.