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Hartmut Berger

1955 School enrolment  
3.11.1966 University-entrance-diploma  
17.11.1966 Begin of medical study at Johann- Wolfgang- Goethe- University in Frankfurt  
7.8.1972 Medical Examination  
1.10.1972 – 31.8.1973 Resident General Hospital Bad Vilbel  
1.9.1973 – 31.12.1973 Resident University Hospital Frankfurt  
1.1.1974 License to practice medicine  
1.1.1974 – 31.12.1975 Medical practioner at the drug-Counselling center  drop-in Frankfurt  
1.1.1976 -31.12.1977 Resident Department of Psychiatry at  University-Hhospital Frankfurt  
1.4.1978 -31.3.1981 Resident Department of Neurology St.-Katharinen-Hospital Frankfurt  
16.10.1979 Graduation  
1.4.1981 Admission for Psychiatry and Neurology  
25.8.1981 Admission for Psychotherapy  
1.4.1981 -31.1.1991   Assistent Medical Director Department of Psychiatry at General Hospital Offenbach
1.2.1991 – 30.9.2014 Medical Director Vitos Philippshospital, Clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy, Riedstadt
2000 Lilly Schizophrenia Integration Award  
8. 9.2004 Appointment as honorary professor at technical university Darmstadt  
1.12.2006   3. 2.2010 up to now   Admission for Forensic Psychiatry   Consultant in the project partnership in mental health sponsored by the German government; from 2014 up to now scientific cooperation with the National Psychiatric Institute and the University of Iwano-Frankiwsk  
01.10.2011 up to now lectureship at Goethe Universität Frankfurt  
22.05.2013 International HPH Award 2013 for Outstanding Scientific Publication